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The Week According To . . .  Dr Niall McCrae

The Week According To . . . Dr Niall McCrae

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Dr Niall McCrae is back in the hot seat giving us his uncensored appraisal of the past weeks big news stories !
Articles covered this week include the barbaric murder of Sir David Amess MP, Scotland deletes the word Mother?, 'Pay by your face' trials in Moscow, NBA team Brooklyn Nets ban's unvaxxed star, Chicago Police Union urge cop's to resist, GETTR CEO meets Tommy Robinson in Berlin, a WEF app to scan your blood and much more!

Niall McCrae is an officer of the Workers of England trade union.
From 2010 to 2021 he was a senior lecturer in mental health at King’s College London, and he continues to write on mental health matters.
He was also until recently a senior researcher for David Kurten and Peter Whittle on the London Assembly.
His publications include several books including ‘Moralitis: a Cultural Virus’ (with Robert Oulds), ‘The Moon and Madness’, ‘Echoes from the Corridors’ (with Peter Nolan) and ‘The Year of the Bat’ (with MLR Smith).
He is a regular contributor to Unity News Network, Gateway Pundit, Lockdown Sceptics, The Salisbury Review and The Light.
Follow Niall on Gab @Dr_Niall_McCrae
Originally broadcast as a live video news review 16.10.21

Stories and links:
Sir David Amess dies: Conservative MP stabbed to death at surgery

UK police declare fatal stabbing of lawmaker David Amess a 'terrorist incident'

Scotland’s civil service deletes ‘mother’ from maternity policy after Stonewall pressure

VIDEO: Dr Robert Winston - Can’t change your sex

Moscow Metro Introduces ‘World’s First’ Pay-by-Face System

Boeing says employees must show proof of Covid vaccination by Dec. 8 under Biden's federal contractor rules

Brooklyn Nets BAN Kyrie Irving, 29, from ALL games and practices until he gets vaccinated: All-Star already stood to lose nearly HALF his $34.9million salary due to New York's mandate
VIDEO: Kyrie Irving Prof Basketball player Refuse Vaccine

BOOM! Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Union (SMART) with 203,000 Members Announces Stand Against Forced Vaccines

Chicago police union head urges cops to defy vaccine mandate

VIDEO: Australian Police policing FB

VIDEO: WEF Covid app to scan your blood

To finish
Planning the Defense of the West: Former Trump Adviser Jason Miller Meets Tommy Robinson in Berlin

VIDEO: Police Camera Van Filming
PIC: The moment you think you have run over a dog….
VIDEO: Anti Covid Passport demo in Bern Switzerland
PIC: London Zoo Wear a mask to protect the animals

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