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Richard Taylor - Conservative Party. . . While You Suffer; Hypocrisy and Double Standards

Richard Taylor - Conservative Party. . . While You Suffer; Hypocrisy and Double Standards

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This episode Richard Taylor (RichPolitics) joins us to look at the hypocrisy and double standards in The Conservative Party.
On a day when PM Boris Johnson has been trying to see just how much BS the British public will take.
While the Tories are tanking in the polls (because of absolute tory incompetence, not Labour brilliance), they are continuing to punish the British people with ever increasing controls and outlandish scare stories.
While they party.....we suffer.

Richard Taylor is a proud Welshman, passionate campaigner, activist and political commentator.
He is also the presenter of a non politically correct weekly broadcast on the latest news and political views in Wales and the U.K broadcast every Wednesday & Friday at 6PM on Rich Politics on YouTube.
Richard has had an incredible transformation from career criminal to pastor to political commentator, he ran as candidate in Blaenau Gwent for the Brexit party in 2019 and even hosted his own BBC TV show called ‘To Catch A Thief’ which gave homeowners tips on home security.
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Interview recorded 13.12.21
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